Day 1 Session 1

My 40 Days of Prayer: Day 1 (Evening)

What are you hoping to get out of this study in the next forty days?

I want to choose character building over comfort.

Day 1 Session 1   Daily Prayer Journal

Day 1 Evening (Retire at night)

John 15: 5-8

What did you hear?

…apart from me you can do nothing.

What do you think?

I can’t produce anything fruitful without being tapped in to God. If I don’t start my day with God, I’m relying on myself to make things happen instead of spending time with Him to help me through my day.

God Letter

What is your prayer?


When I am asked to communicate with You daily, I get lazy and stop. I do that with my friends too. The only time recently I have talked to someone daily is the past forty days at Key City Group since I have been going to meetings. I talk to an alcoholic every day after I read about the FIVE ALIVE for each day in recovery: Pray in the morning; read literature, talk to another alcoholic, go to a meeting, and pray at night. I have done two successfully for the past forty days.

Right now John is not that talkative when he is sober which leads me to believe that he really doesn’t love me. I try to reach out to him, but I know he is working on other things now that he is sober again. This gives me the time to spend with You while he is working on himself.

I want to sit with you and write you a letter and print it each day so I can see how you work in my life.

I want to ask you for things as if I were asking my earthly father. Right now I worry about making the bills in October if I don’t find work. I know John has made it a priority to find work which would relieve a lot of stress that I’m experiencing. I want to have money to pay the Jeep and truck payments and still have money for our other expenses. That equates to $2700 a month coming in.

I would like John to work so I can spend time with You and make meetings like I have been. If I have to go work to make money for the bills I pray for energy to do that and still make my meetings and spend time with John. I pray that I have enough rest to wake up in the morning to write you a letter and to write you one at night.

The last couple of days I have been so tired that I didn’t want to do anything. The only thing I stayed consistent with is posting the Grapevine Daily Quote. I want to do that to create trust with the group and to become a trustworthy person.

Something I haven’t been doing is reading Your Word so I hope that in the next forty days I read more scripture through this 40 Days of Prayer bible study. I have started this 40 Day journey a lot of times but I hope to stay consistent this time around. I have done well by attending meetings the last 40 days. I hope this is inspiration for me to show my dedication to You and increase my communication with You.

I just feel that I need to write you to get in the habit of writing for my website as I learn to get my thoughts on paper. I want to be a proficient writer. I want to have the dedication to write every day. Hopefully you can teach me to write consistently.

I love you, God. I know that I don’t always show it. However, I want to do better. Please help me build a better relationship with You. I want us to be great friends.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name, AMEN.